AWS Wizard

Amazon made simple.
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Speeds Up
You can get started with AWS easily, and focus on solving important problems instead of dealing with deployment.


Best Practices
You don't need to know infrastructure patterns to follow them. Simple deploy script will provide an abstraction that you need to allow you to follow best practices effortlessly.


Free to Go
We provide a script for deployments. No need to include any runtime dependencies. Stay with us only if you 100% satisfied. Not because of vendor lock-in.
No need to hire DevOps any more. If you already have one, let him enjoy another vacation.

Deploy Easily

AWS is focused on enterprise clients that can afford to have dedicated DevOps engineers. AWS Wizard makes it easy to use all infrastructure from AWS without special skills. It automates all the error-prone deployment and configuration tasks and sets everything up the way developers expect out of the box.
This means that you can get started with AWS microservices easily, and focus on solving important business problems instead of dealing with AWS deployment workflows.
Cloudfront/Terraform/Ansible helps DevOps to build complex solutions. AWS Wizard allows you to go without DevOps using simple solutions.

You don't need to invent the wheel for each new project. Someone already solved that infrastructure issue.


Static Website
Amazon provides powerful technologies to support static websites. Unlimited scaling with S3. HTTPS support with free Amazon Certificate. Global distribution with CloudFront. Configuring all these technologies used to be a hustle. Not anymore. Recommended approach if you don't need any backend.


Lambda Backend
Continuous scaling with cutting edge backend solution from Amazon. It the optimal solution in terms of cost and time effort. All major languages are supported including Python, Node.js, Java and Go. However, there are some limitations to frameworks usage. The recommended approach for new projects that needs a backend.

Coming Soon..


EC2 Backend
EC2 is bread and butter for Amazon. The ultimate solution with virtual machines. Now you can run your solution in auto-scalable infrastructure with a single command. No limitation on the technology used. All programming languages and frameworks supported. Recommended approach if you are migrating the existing solution to the cloud.
Spend time on what brings value. Trust us to help you with infrastructure that will support you.